Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Nappy Headed Hos"

It looks like the 6 liberals who watch MSNBC will have to do without Imus in the Morning.

My take: Imus crossed the line and needed to be let go. Viacom and General Electric had no choice .... its about the benjamins. I can't help but wonder though if the ultra hypocritical left would have gotten their collective panties in a bunch if Imus was referring to Dr. Rice instead of the basketball players. Answer: NOPE.

Allow me to introduce myself ... The NeoCon Don. I'm sick of the liberal hypocrisy, the whining, the dishonesty, and general annoyance of these people. I take no prisoners, but take all challengers. I warn you though ... read with caution ... because if you're a head-up-your-ass liberal, you will be confronted with facts and logic (kryptonite to lefties) -

I can't spend too much of my tax paying republican time with you. I'm very busy paying for liberals government entitlements - however I will return soon.

Future topics for your preparation:

1. Al Gore's enviro-bs. What an ass-clown. How much is his mansion's electric bills again?

2. Madame Pelosi's terrorist tea party. This bitch has no business at the grown up table. Israel to Pelosi: Shut the fuck up.

3. I'm wondering why liberals vote for the Democrats. Seems they don't take the left's agenda anywhere either ... hmmmmmm.

Anyway ... thanks for visiting.

The Don

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